We begin your site visit observing what existing plants grow where and why. Specifically the anchor native trees, large shrubs and smaller “understorey” woody shrubs and herbaceous plants. Northway Gardens & Landscaping utilizes what you already have.

In the 1970’s, the industry believed that any type of landscape could be used for any project. Former owner, Robert Allen, pushed for an emphasis on enhancing the ecosystem you already have. Just by observing the plant communities in the natural environment we can build your unique landscape.

For example, is your site dry and rocky or shady and moist? Is the terrain steep and difficult? With the shallow soils of Muskoka any plants that have established themselves should be viewed as assets to your property. “Old fashioned” plants such as lilacs, shrub roses, hydrangea, junipers and yew all still have a place in the Muskoka landscape.